Aug. 3rd, 2013

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Playing to Win [info]tw100challenge  245- The Olympics. Ianto realizes there is something wrong with the results of some Olympic events. Rated G.

Olympic-Sized Failure [info]tw100challenge  245- The Olympics The Opening Ceremonies had more failures than you think.  Rated PG.

A Children's Story [info]tw100challenge  244- Reverse Fandom - Beauty and the Beast.  The Team discovers something interesting about children's stories.  Rated PG.

Once Upon a Time in New York City [info]tw100challenge  244- Reverse Fandom - Beauty and the Beast.  Jack tells Ianto about his first time in New York City.  Rated PG.

Ozymandias [info]tw100challenge  244- Reverse Fandom - Beauty and the Beast.  The end is near.  Rated G.

What Rough Beast [info]tw100challenge  244- Reverse Fandom - Beauty and the Beast. There's a new Doctor in the Hub.  Rated G.

The Sky is Falling [info]tw100challenge  243- Henny Penny. Disaster strikes while Ianto babysits for Mica.  Rated G.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Sun [info]tw100challenge  242- Sun. Ianto teaches Myfanwy about the sun.  Rated G.

Wonderland [info]tw100challenge  241- The Queen. Jack and Ianto end up in a parallel reality.  Rated G.

So Many Questions [info]tw100challenge  240- Curiosity killed the cat. Like mother, like daughter.  Rated G.

Breaking the Number One 'Don't Rule' [info]tw100challenge  238- Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Gwen's break the most important W rule with predictable results.  Rated G.

Water Fail [info]tw100challenge  235- Water, water everywhere. Jack needs rescuing.  Rated G.

Rescue [info]tw100challenge  235- Water, water everywhere. Jack, plumbing, you had to expect this..  Rated G.

Peaster Treats [info]tw100challenge  234- Unloved Prompts - Peaster. You actually can have too much of a good thing.  Rated G.

Yummy Bunny [info]tw100challenge  233- Rabbit. Owen shares some yummy bunnies with Myfanwy.  Rated G.

Baptism [info]tw100challenge  232- Wrong Time, Wrong Place. Bad timing for one, good timing for another.   Rated PG.

Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day...Even in Cardiff tw100challenge 232- Wrong Time, Wrong Place. It might be the wrong time and place, but everything works out fine.  Rated G.

Weekend Retreat tw100challenge 231- The women. The women of Torchwood spend some quality time together. Rated G.

Idioms From Ianto [info]tw100challenge 230- Piece of Cake. More word fun with our favorite pter.  Rated G.

Sorry About That, Honey [info]tw100challenge 229- Honey. Ianto gives too much information to a curious co-worker.  Rated G
That Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means [info]tw100challenge 228- Resolutions. More word fun with our favorite pter.  Rated G.

Year of the Torchwood Dragon [info]tw100challenge 227- Dragons. Torchwood help with the Chinese New Year Parade.  Rated G.

Natural Talents [info]tw100challenge 226- Blood Line. Certain talents ran in his family.  Rated PG.

[info]tw100challenge 225- The Gathering. The saddest reason to come together.  Rated G.

Christmas Morning Hangover [info]tw100
challenge 224- 
Christmasolstikwanzakah.  Sometimes the reason you can't remember what happened the night before isn't what you think. Rated G.

Grateful Dead [info]tw100challenge 223- The End of the Road. The end of the road is a welcome sight for Jack. Rated G.

Sleeping Around [info]tw100challenge 222- Immortal Sins. HIs sins are largely forgivable, another immortals are not. Rated PG-13 for implied sexual situations.

Lucky Pierre [info]tw100challenge 221-The Middle Men. Being the middle man has its advantages. Rated  PG-13 for implied sexual situations.

Taxonomy Lessons [info]tw100challenge 220- The Categories of Life. Ianto and Myfanwy view life from very different perspectives. Rated G.

Winter Break [info]tw100challenge 219- Escape to L.A. Everyone needs a break once in a while.   Rated PG.

Creatures of the Night [info]tw100challenge 218- Dead of Night. Beware of the creatures of the night.   Rated PG.

Stolen [info]tw100challenge 217- Rendition. Something valuable is stolen from Jack.  Rated G.

Brave New World [info]tw100challenge 216- New World. Sometimes you have no choice but to take a chance.  Rated G.

Stick & Stones [info]tw100challenge 215- Sticks & Stones. Sometimes Myfanwy takes things too literally.   Rated G. l

Are You My Mother? [info]tw100challenge 214- Reverse Fandom - Sarah Jane Adventures (Episode -Los Boy).  Why is Jack so disturbed by Ianto trying to teach Myfanwy to read. Rated G.
The Day of the Clown [info]tw100challenge 214 - Reverse Fandom - Sarah Jane Adventures (Episode The Day of the Clown).  A Memorable incident from Ianto's childhood. Rated G.

Storm Clouds Brewing [info]tw100challenge 211 - Quiet Before the Storm. Set during Adrift. Jack is angry. Rated G.

Power Struggle [info]tw100
challenge 210 - Power. More alphabet fun with Ianto & Myfanwy. Unfortunately, the lesson isn't going well today Rated G.

Coup de Grace written for [info]tw100
challenge 209- Love & Hate. Ianto, just after Lisa's death. Rated G.

Over the Hill & Water Over the Dam
written for [info]tw100, challenge 208-Over the... One day, two parallel universes. Rated G.

Don't Toy With Me written for [info]tw100, challenge 207-Health Care. Why does Jack have to try everthing for himself?  Rated G.

Drought written for [info]tw100, challenge 206-Drought. Coming back is never easy for Jack.  Rated G.


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